Profiling tools seem to be a pretty hot topic, as several people have mentionned them recently. Personnally, other than the commercial products, I've used JMeter quite a bit for load testing, and have been using the Callisto TPTP tools more recently for profiling recently.

Eric Redmond mentioned a few open source profiling tools in an email message he sent me recently:

…There are quite a few good opensource ones available:

They are priceless for optimization.

Kunal Jaggi also posted the following entry:

Recently things have been extremely hectic at my end due to some code freeze and the forthcoming GA release of our product. I have been looking at Performance Scalability and Improvement (PSI) for quite some time now. I know what each millisecond means when it comes to performance bottlenecks and delivering high quality products to the customers.

Here are some profiling tools that I used at work:

  • JProfiler
  • Eclipse Profiler

And, following are a few in the open source space:

  • JRat
  • JMemProf
  • JavaTreeProfiler
  • JMeter

But, my favorite is Call Flow Monitoring, a bundled utility in the GlassFish application server. Project GlassFish is an open source implementation for the Java EE 5 platform, developed at community, GlassFish is the first implementation build around the Java EE 5 platform. Call flow is used to monitor calls as they flow through various containers in the application server. Call flow scores over profiling tools because of low-memory footprint. After exchanging over a dozen of mails with Sun staff engineers who developed this tool, I can bet that the Java community never saw such an elegant way of profiling and measuring time stamps across containers before…

JMeter will get a place of it's own in the Load Testing chapter (any other suggestions for good open source load testing tools?). As for profiling, I think Eclipse Callisto TPTP should definitely be included, since it integrates so well with Eclipse (duh!), and has some nice features. The other tools look quite cool too…which tools do people think should go into the chapter as well?

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