Cool Tools

Do you know a of a cool Java tool which can improve the Software Development Life Cycle, and which you think should appear in the Java Power Tools book? Write about it here. You can either write and contribute an article on the tool, or write a quick summary and let someone else (me, for example :) ) do the grunt work.

The following table is designed to give (me) an idea of what tools are being used out there, and how many people are using them. If you want to vote for a tool, just add a comment or mail me directly with your ideas! (Tools in bold are already included or planned for inclusion - they are listed for reference)

Tool Domain Votes
AndroMDA MDA / Code generation +
Bugzilla Issue management
CheckStyle Code Quality +
Cobertura Testing +
Emma Test coverage ++
FindBug Code Quality +
HypericHQ Monitoring +
Infrared Profiling +
Ivy Ant dependency management +
LuntBuild Build +
JAD Decompiler +++
JConsole, JPS, etc… Monitoring +
JDepend Code Quality ++
JLint Code Quality +
JRat Profiling ++
Mantis Issue management +
Maven Build +++
PMD Code Quality +++
Scarab Issue management
SchemaSpy Database +++
Scriptella ETL Database +
soapUI Testing +
Trac Issue management
Vizant Build +
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