Target Audience

The main audience of this book is the following:

  • Java Developers who want to improve their development skills by applying industry best practices in their daily work. After getting a short background in software development processes, they will learn about the main industry best practices, and what tools can help apply them. After reading the book, they should be in a good position to know what best practices are suitable for their particular situation, and what tools are available to support them.
  • Project Managers, Software architects and Development Team Leaders, who want to implement or improve a software development process within a project, and who want to define a project or company-wide set of recommended tools and best practices.
  • Process Experts trying to introduce a new software development process into an organisation, or optimize an existing one, and who need to know what tools can be used to support the process. Their job is to define a process that suits an organisation’s goals, structure and culture. Process improvement is a tough job, and knowing what supporting tools exist can make the process go more smoothly.
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